Saturday, September 21, 2013

What the Pros eat and Kids that cook..

I ran across a couple of good articles that I wanted to share with you this week. The first coincides well with my article from last week about the difficulty young athletes can have with keeping body weight on. It turns out this can also be a problem for the pros even though they have chefs and dietitians to cater to their every need not too mention nearly $300 a day in meal money. The article hits on many of the same points I went over but it’s always nice to hear it from another perspective.

Many athletes are also embracing a “clean lifestyle,” (at least during the competitive season) abstaining from alcohol, tobacco in addition to keeping close tabs on what kinds of food they are putting in their bodies. It is my strong belief that improving your nutrition habits is the fastest way to improve performance in the classroom and on the field of play. For the most part you get 3 opportunities each and every day to make yourself better with good nutritional choices. Optimal nutrition choices will sharpen your reflexes, help you think clearly and provide sustainable energy. While poor choices can leave you feeling sluggish physically and mentally.

Health and optimal physical conditioning is key for professional athletes to succeed at the highest level and they know nutrition and other lifestyle habits that are within their control are absolutely essential to maintain their competitive edge. Healthy diets are essential for the pros.

The second article is about a young lady who is passionate about getting kids and parents to think about healthy eating and preparing their meals together while having fun.  She is competing on a kid’s cook-off show on the Food Network. Do you know of any kids that have created their own “original recipes?” If you do I would love to hear about it!

Final Thought:

This summer I came across this sign and thought it was awesome! 

We need to post these all over our communities!

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