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Complete Baseball Performance

Complete Baseball Performance
A total performance enhancement program for the developing baseball player

Baseball is a metaphor for my life and serves as my tool for leading young people and helping them maximize their potential on the field of play and in the game of life.  If you are an athlete interested in improving your baseball performance through cutting edge physical, mental and nutritional training join me at Complete Baseball Performance. The course begins September 8 and runs through March 1.

Complete Baseball Performance Program Highlights

Performance Preparation - Learn to mentally and physically prepare yourself to play consistently at a high level.
Sports Nutrition and Recovery - Understand health and nutrition strategies to optimize your performance and recovery.
Speed/Agility - Explore techniques to enhance your acceleration on the bases and range in the field.
Rotational Power - Improve your ability to generate power from the ground up to boost throwing velocity and bat speed.
Functional Movement Strength - Enhance your athletic strength and your ability to transfer it to the field.
Core strength - Boost your core strength -- a solid foundation starts up the middle. You can’t transmit force without it.
Shoulder and Hip PREhab - Optimize your range of motion and strength that are essential for durability and performance.  These joints transfer power and are involved in all baseball movements at high speed.
Flexibility/Mobility/Functional Assessment - Boost your flexibility and mobility to prevent muscle imbalances and overuse injury in this one side-dominant sport.
Character and mental skill development - Develop mental skills and strategies to keep all of the ups and downs in perspective. Baseball is a game of failure.  Learn an approach that allows you to thrive.

Complete Baseball Performance Specializes In Baseball Players

I played Division 1 College Baseball and have experienced first hand the impact appropriate strength and conditioning and the competitive edge that it can provide.

I coached my first baseball athlete in 2004 and have spent the past 12 plus years in the trenches with baseball players developing intimate knowledge of their unique needs.

I have dedicated the past 12 years of my career learning from elite baseball professionals. I have picked their brains to find out what is truly important for the developing young baseball athlete in our modern sport culture. My curriculum is based on what I have learned from leaders in:

Major League Baseball
USA Baseball
College Baseball
High School Baseball
Club/Travel Baseball

My direct involvement with professionals extends to learning from experts in the following domains:

Sports Medicine
Sport Performance Training
Sports Nutrition
Sports Psychology

Three other factors make Complete Baseball Performance unique and relevant.

1. I played college ball and I watch baseball – I am truly a student of the game.

2. I spend time on the field watching young ball players.

3. I understand the unique physical characteristics and demands of baseball players.

Complete Baseball Performance Begins With Love For The Game

This sport is in my blood! I never worry about growing old because there will always be baseball and that will always provide the “juice” that I need to live my life with passion and energy. Your team will win and lose (mostly they will lose) but the game gives you so much more than tangible rewards. I played the game in college and I know how it feels to play and what this game can mean to a young man. As an adult, I learned things that would have helped me immeasurably but no one ever told me when it would have mattered. This is why I am driven to share my experience with young men. The movie Field of Dreams captures what the games means to me. The entire movie speaks to my soul, but the scene where Ray has  “a catch” with his father captures my “why” perfectly. This “game” unties people and its bond is as strong as anything we’ve ever experienced. That’s why I created Complete Baseball Performance!

 You can learn more about Complete Baseball Performance Here

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